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1927: Founding of Victor Buyck

Main activity: trading in agricultural machines.

1945: First steel constructions

First steel construction activities (hangars, industrial buildings).

1956: John Buyck

John Buyck joins VBSC as a freshly graduated civil engineer.

1974: First major bridge project

First major bridge project for VBSC in Belgium: Zandvliet,  Schelde-Rijnverbinding (6.300 T)

1983: Founding of BUMAR

VBSC buys the production unit of former Nobels-Peelman in Wondelgem. The new name will be BUMAR (Buyck Maritieme Metaalbouw).

1984: Acquisition of CSM

VBSC takes over the steel construction company CSM in Hamont-Achel  (Constant Schuurmans Metaalwerken). CSM was created in 1964 and is focussed on highrise buildings and industrial steelwork, mostly for the Dutch market.

1986: Werratalbridge

First major bridge project in Germany: Werratalbrücke (3.300 T).  During the 80's and 90's, VBSC has been involved in a large numbers of bridge building projects in Germany. We are currently working on the Waldschlosschenbrücke near Dresden.

1987: Broadgate Exchange House, Phase 11

First major highrise building in the UK: Broadgate Exchange House Phase 11 (6.500 T). Since 1987, VBSC has been continuously present on the London office building market. The UK has a long tradition in the use of steel as a structural building material. More than 80% of the office buildings are built with a steelframe structure, mostly in combination with a concrete core.

1989: ECCS Award

First European Award for Constructional Steelwork (ECCS) with the Flanders Expo building in Ghent. Since that day VBSC has obtained no less than 11 consecutive awards, confirming thus its reputation as a major steelwork contractor with international ambitions.

1991: Viaduc de Saint-André

First major bridge project in France: Viaduc de Saint-André across the river Deule for the LGV Nord. (3.500 T). Just like Germany, France has become one of the major export markets for VBSC.

1992: Victor Buyck Steel Construction Sdn Bhd

Founding of Victor Buyck Steel Construction Sdn Bhd in Malaysia. VBSC was rewarded a huge contract for a six level shopping mall near the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur. Therefore John Buyck decided to start a production unit in Malaysia. The plant in Seremban mainly focusses on the local market and the Middle East.

1993: Railway bridge across the Oude Maas

First major bridge project in Holland: Railwaybridge across the Oude Maas In Dordrecht (6.500 T). After 'conquering' Germany and France, VBSC was obviously looking to add Holland as one of its major export markets. Since that day, Victor Buyck has built several large road and railway bridges in Holland, a country criscrossed with rivers and canals.

1996: Suria KLCC

Completion of the Suria KLCC shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur (18.000 T). Up till now, its the largest project ever built by VBSC.

2002: Completion of Swiss Re Building

Delivery of the Swiss Re Headquarters in London, the first environmentally sustainable tall building in the UK.(9.600 T. It was designed according to the latest regulations for sustainable development. The Swiss Re has become an icon for the City of London.

2007: Departure Hall S3

Delivery of the new departure hall S3 at Charles de Gaulle Airport (Paris). Up till now, this building with a length of 750m and a floor surface of approx. 225.000m², is the largest project ever built by VBSC in Europe.

Beyond borders

With a production capacity of 45,000 tons a year, Victor Buyck Steel Construction has developed into an international group with production facilities in Belgium and Malaysia as well as a sales branch in the UK. We are proud of our roots and we believe that the geographical position of Belgium at the heart of Europe has given us the opportunity to develop into an international key player in steel construction.

USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

Thanks to our vast experience in large, complex projects, we have acquired a unique knowledge that we can share with our clients, helping them to find solutions that are both technically feasible and commercially profitable. We are also the only company in this sector that exports such a large part of its production – 80 per cent. Our ability to work in countries with different cultures and languages demonstrates the flexibility and knowledge of foreign languages of our people.

Young at heart

Victor Buyck started back in 1927 but the company faces the 21st. century with a young, dynamic spirit and with an enthusiasm shared by all her employees. We offer continuous training to our people and every year we take on board new young engineers who are attracted by the challenging projects that we offer them.

Are you being served?

The main strength of the company is that she offers a turnkey solution to her clients. We are truly a steelwork contractor, offering steel fabrication from engineering to erection, including fabrication, corrosion protection and transport. Clients want to benefit from their investments as soon as possible and put tremendous pressure on delivery times. They also expect their suppliers to look for profitable solutions that would improve the efficiency of their production plant or office building. That is exactly what we can offer to our customers: shorter building time and higher added value due to high productivity and technical knowledge.

Knowledge is power (but only if used wisely)

Our service goes from the design through to the erection of the building. All this can only be achieved because we have experienced and qualified people helping the customer at every stage of the construction process. Building in steel requires much more technical knowledge than building in concrete and as a result, we like to get involved in projects nearer to their conception, so that we can assist in finding the best technical and economically viable solution. We continue to invest in computer-controlled fabrication equipment, allowing us to take on the most challenging projects with high complexity and technical requirements.


VBSC is a leading international steel construction company. Ingenious solutions and an enthusiastic organisation enable VBSC to contribute to the success of her clients in the public and private sector. VBSC combines know-how, commitment and inventiveness to implement often complex projects. Our approach focuses on solutions and results. We strive for constant improvement through innovation.
VBSC stands out as a company that rises to the challenge.


We care about our clients. VBSC's organisation, choices and working methods adapt to meet her clients' needs. Reliability and integrity are absolute core values. Everyday VBSC seeks – and finds – the best balance between her own techniques and the requirements of her clients. VBSC aims to exceed client expectations. With her high productivity and technical know-how, VBSC meets the client's deadlines. In this way VBSC contributes to the growth and success of her clients.

VBSC owes her strength and her flexibility to her people. They form the backbone of the company. Their vision, intelligence and commitment are of decisive importance. Integrity, transparency, team spirit, and a performance-oriented approach are core values which everyone at VBSC is committed to. VBSC looks after the welfare and the individual needs of all her staff. Training is a key element.

VBSC believes that looking after the health and safety of all her employees and protecting the environment deserves the highest priority. The safety policy and its objectives are known to all our staff, and are assessed annually and adapted where necessary.

VBSC delivers quality. All our projects are supported in a way that guarantees that quality. The products delivered by VBSC meet the quality standards demanded by the client.

VBSC aims for continuity. VBSC therefore opts for projects which fit within her strategy for sustainable and profitable growth. In this way we create opportunities to achieve added value together with the client.

EN ISO 9001: 2015

In 1998 VBSC obtained a Quality Management System according the acquirements of EN ISO 9001: 2008 for design, development, manufacturing, preserving, assembly and maintenance of steel constructions and civil engineering works.

Download certificates (English, Dutch, French and German):

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° Français

VCA 2008/5.1

In 1996 VBC was certified for being conform to the Management System Standard SHE Checklist Contractors VCA 2008/5.1 for the manufacturing, painting and erection of steel constructions and civil engineering works.

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EN 1090

On 1 January 2010 a new norm becomes applicable : the EN 1090. This European norm sets out the minimal quality standards for all steel constructions that will be put on the market within the European Union. There is a transitional period until August 2011, after which the norm will be mandatory by law. The EN 1090 norm is a consequence of the European Council Directive 89/106/EEC regarding Construction Products of 21 December 1988. This Directive details six fundamental requirements which are applicable to all construction products for buildings and infrastructural constructions:
1. Mechanical resistance and stability
2. Safety in case of fire
3. Hygiene, health and the environment
4. Safety in use
5. Protection against noise
6. Energy economy and heat retention
In order to organize these requirements for steel constructions the norm EN 1090 has been set up to serve as guidance for applying on each and every structural steel component a CE-label.
Here you can download the EN1090 certificates:

° English

° Nederlands

° Français

ISO 50001

ISO 50001 is the international standard for energy management systems (published in 2011). The standard focuses on reducing the energy consumption of an organization. This is based on a detailed understanding of energy and its use. Compared to the ISO 14001 this standard focuses more on monitoring the use of energy, the identification of possible improvements and goals to achieve them. Where energy is one of the environmental aspects in the ISO 14001, it is the central subject in the ISO 50001. Victor Buyck is one of the first companies in Belgium with this certificate.


Download 'here' the certificate.

EN ISO 14001

The VBSC policy is oriented towards a continuous improvement on Health, Safety and Environmental issues within the organization.

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Railways United Kingdom

Please find hereunder 2 certificates concerning UK rail projects (certificates and audits by Achilles).


"RISQS" Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme


- download here 'Registration Certificate'

- download here 'Audit Certificate'

Railways Germany

Download 'certificate'.


Herewith you can find the Certificate issued by SVSxASS ("Association Suisse pour la technique du Soudage") for working according to Swiss standards.

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Shell Quality gold Award

Please find herewith a certificate for achieving quality structural fabrication and installation from Shell.

Qualified Steelwork Contractor & Sustainability Charter


Please download here our RQSC certificate

Please download here our SCSC certificate.


This is the "Register of Qualified Steelwork Contractor for Bridge Works" & "Steel Construction Sustainability Charter".

Company brochure

Download our company brochure (English version).

Download our company brochure (French version).

Victor Buyck Steel Construction N.V.

The of the company is located in Eeklo. Here, you will find our main offices and 42.000 m² of production facilities. In Eeklo, we can fabricate steel structures with a maximum length of 45m, a height of 4m and a width of 9m.

N.V. Victor Buyck Steel Construction
Pokmoere 4, B-9900 Eeklo, Belgium
Tel. 0032(0)9 376 22 11
Fax 0032(0)9 376 22 00 


In 1983 VBSC took over the production unit in Wondelgem of former steel fabricator Nobels-Peelman. Here, we own more than 20.000m² of covered workspace and 80.000 m² of pre-assembly area. Moreover, we have a direct link with the North Sea through the Ringvaart and the Gent-Terneuzen canal. Thanks to this favorable location we face no dimensional restrictions in regards to transport facilities.
Industrieweg 44, B-9032 Wondelgem
Tel. + Fax: 0032(0)9 253 80 50