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Download 'here' our company policy about health, safety, environment and energy.


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Environmental management according to norm ISO 14001

The VBSC policy is oriented towards a continuous improvement on Health, Safety and Environmental issues within the organization. It is the company policy to handle Health, Safety and Environment through a pro-active and prevention driven approach in order to avoid accidents, personal injuries, damages to property or environment and to minimize environmental and safety risks. This concern implies the cooperation of both VBSC personnel as third parties.
For the implementation of its environmental awareness VBSC manages its activities within the existing legislation according the internationally well-known ISO 14001, which guarantees a systematic approach to all environmental issues, with a particular focus on assuring legal requirements. The environmental management system is checked periodically and certified by external, independent auditors.

The 5 fundamentals of our environmental policy
The management of VBSC endorses the following principles of the policy in its environmental policy:
- Conform to the applicable legislation;
- Integrate environmental awareness in each and every department through  involvement and appropriate education;
- Adopt a preventive approach on environmental impact;
- Evaluate and improve continuously the environmental performances of the company;
- Supply information to and open a dialogue with internal and external stakeholders on environmental aspects.
The continuous improvement of the environmental performance of VBSC is guided by measurable environmental objectives and environmental programmes which take into account the economically viable implementation of best available techniques.

Involvement of management and supervisors
The environmental policy and objectives are evaluated every year through audits.
All personnel in a supervising function have a major responsibility on Health, Safety and Environment. The overall responsibility lies with the top management. This commitment is transmitted in a dynamic and motivational way, continuously and visibly, to company and external stakeholders.