Port House of Antwerp - Antwerpen (Belgium)

Building - Office Building

The new “Port House” to be built at the North of the “Kattendijk” docks, is an ultramodern spectacular diamant shaped building design. The new HQ is purpose built to house all administration and technical departments. The new building will be placed on top of the existing former fire service barracks and will be the entrance to and eye catcher of the Port of Antwerp. Victor Buyck has decided to build this special building, designed by Zaha Hadid, in a modular way in 6 large pieces. These 6 pieces will be pre-assembled in the Wondelgem factory and transported over water per pontoon to Antwerp. Thanks to this approach, Victor Buyck can reduce the on site installation time to a minimum.
Client:Gemeentelijk Havenbedrijf Antwerpen
General Contractor:Interbuild NV
Steel Construction:Victor Buyck Steel Construction
Architect:Zaha Hadid Ltd
Building time:September 2012 - June 2016

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Ewijk - Ewijk (Netherlands)

Bridge - Road Bridge

The delivery and fitting of 1.100 ton reinforcements in the existing 1.055m long cable bridge over the “Waal” in “Ewijk” near “Nijmegen”. The reinforcements are necessary as a solution for the increasing load and fatigue of the existing bridge. The pith of the matter is situated on the wharf where a significant amount of fitters and welders is working on different locations and in multiple shifts. Time on the wharf: November 2012 – April 2014. Somewhat similar (though larger in size) to the bridge “Muiderbrug”, another project of our firm.
General Contractor:Strukton - Ballast Nedam
Steel Construction:Victor Buyck Steel Construction
Dimensions:1055 m
Building time:August 2012 - June 2016

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Bristol Metrobus Skew Bridge - Bristol (United Kingdom)

Bridge - Metrobus Bridge

The Bristol Metrobus runs from Aston Vale Park & Ride to Temple Meads in the center of the city with 2.7km of new carriageway and is part of a wider integrated transport scheme linking Bristol with Gloucestershire to the north and Somerset to the south. At the center of the scheme is the Skew Bridge which runs parallel to and then crosses the Portishead railway line. The bridge is made up of two reinforced earth approach ramps and a 155m long composite deck over five spans. The deck width varies 8.6m to 12m to allow for the unusual skew alignment dictated by the tight planning boundary and is curved in both the vertical and horizontal planes to allow the structure to clear the railway line by 7.2m, allowing for potential future electrification. The steel beams were fabricated by Victor Buyck Steel Construction at the factory in Eeklo, Belgium. Installed as braced pairs for stability, the whole structure is made up of four main girders, each of nine sections which were transported to site for further assembly two weeks prior to erection. As each braced pair was bolted together on trestles adjacent to the bridge site, permanent GRP formwork was fixed along with the RMD paraslim parapet falsework and edge protection was attached to reduce the amount of work at height adjacent to the railway. As the site has limited laydown area, delivery of subsequent sections was dependent of the placement of those beams already on site. The final 2 pairs of beams were lifted into place on Sunday 29th January and the completion date for the scheme is July 2017.
Client:Bristol City Council
General Contractor:Balfour Beatty
Steel Construction:Victor Buyck Steel Construction
Engineering:Tony Gee & Partners
Dimensions:155m x 12m
Building time:March 2016 - July 2017

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Read more: s://www.avtmmetrobus.com/


New Wear Bridge - Sunderland - Sunderland (United Kingdom)

Bridge - Road Bridge

After more than 40 years a new bridge is constructed in Sunderland over the River Wear. This iconic bridge connects the city center and the port of Sunderland with the A19. It intends to be a social and economic catalyst for future investments in the region of Tyne & Wear. New Wears Crossing is a stayed cable bridge wit a span of 360m and a height of 100m, by which it just exceeds the Big Ben in London (96m). The deck is assemble in two phases at the assembly platform near the southern abutment (each having a length of 200m) and launched into position. The first launch is performed before the pylon is erected. The pylon is assembled completely in Bumar and transported by sea to site. At the correct position the pylon is rotated around a hinge to be put in correct position. After the pylon erection the second launch of the bridge deck is performed in between the two pylon legs.
Client:Sunderland City Council
General Contractor:Farrans Construction - Victor Buyck Steel Construction
Steel Construction:Victor Buyck Steel Construction
Engineering:Buro Happold Engineering - Roughan & O'Donovan
Dimensions:360m x 28m
Building time:May 2015 - April 2018

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Read more: s://www.sunderland.gov.uk/index.aspx?articleid=10998


Heads of the Valley - Brynmawr, Wales (United Kingdom)

Bridge - Road Bridge

The A465 was built in the 60s as a single 2-lane road. For social and economic reasons the infrastructure needed to be upgraded. Within this larger framework Costain is the Main Contractor for Section 2. From the 14 steel bridges, Victor Buyck obtained the 2 largest ones. Both bridges consist of weathering steel. The "Yard Sale River Crossing S08 (600T)" consists of 3 double girders (6 beams in total) with a span of 70m and a height of 4m. These were installed with the AK680 (UK's largest mobile crane). The "Brynmawr About Bridge S02 (1000T)" is an arch bridge with a span of 120m. Completion is scheduled for May 2017.
Client:Welsh Government
General Contractor:COSTAIN
Dimensions:S08: 70m x 30m S02: 120m x 14m
Tonnage:1600 (S08: 600T + S02: 1000T)
Building time:September 2015 - May 2017

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Read more: gov.wales/topics/transport/roads/schemes/a465/section-2/?lang=en


Newfoundland - London (United Kingdom)

Building - High-rise Building

This remarkable new project for Victor Buyck in Canary Wharf London is called Newfoundland. It is a 60-storey residential skyscraper housing over 630 apartments and it has a height of 218m. The VBH JV will supply and erect the steel diagrid with diagonals and nodes, the base plate grillages, the floor beams of the node levels and roof levels, together with the steel beams and columns of a two storey high annex building. On a few levels we have to provide metal decking and from level 0 till level 3 intumescent paint is in the scope.
Client:Canary Wharf Group
Steel Construction:JV Victor Buyck/Hollandia
Architects:Adamson Associates - Horden Cherry Lee Architects
Dimensions:218m high, 60 storeys, dimensions: 60m x 27m, surface: 60385 m²
Building time:March 2016 - August 2018

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Arcelor Mittal Ghent - Upgrade Sidgal 3 - Gent (Belgium)

Building - Industrial Building

The delivery and the erection of steel structures needed for the new hall and cooling tower VC-VD, for installing the upgrading of the Sidgal 3 galvanization line on the ArcelorMittal Ghent site. In this hall a furnace and galvanization unit will be installed for the treatment of a new generation of ultra high strength steels. The new building is 135m long & 28m wide. The hall is 38m high, the cooling tower goes up to 60m. The contract includes, in addition to the provision, manufacture and assembly of the new steel structures, all roof and wall coverings and all the necessary reinforcements and modifications to the existing structure. In a first erection period (June - September 2016) the hall will be installed, including crane runway beams and a large gutter above the existing hall GH. Subsequently, the erection of the tower will follow. Large parts will be assembled at ground level and will be installed using a crawler crane.
Steel Construction:Victor Buyck Steel Construction
Dimensions:135m x 28m x 60m
Building time:February 2016 - March 2017

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Bridge Tessenderlo - Tessenderlo (Belgium)

Bridge - Pedestrian Bridge

To make the Albert Canal accessible for container ships with four layers of containers, the canal needs to be widened to 86 meters and the passage height is elevated to 9,10 meters. Because of this the existing Canal Bridge in Tessenderlo is replaced with a new steel pedestrian and cycling bridge. The arc bridge is 22 meters high and has a single span of 137meters. The width of the bridge deck is 9,50 meters. The single arc runs through the axis of the bridge and will be completely painted in white. The deck and arc are connected through 44 hangers in two rows which are fitted as a weave pattern. The arc and bridge are transported in three and four parts by ship and pontoon to the construction site. There the pieces are put on temporary trestles at the definite location by use of 500- and 700-tonnes cranes. The pieces are welded together and after the removal of the temporary trestles the bridge hangers are installed.
Client:De Vlaamse Waterweg
General Contractor:THV Artes Roegiers - Victor Buyck Steel Construction
Steel Construction:Victor Buyck Steel Construction
Architect:Zwarts & Jansma Architects
Engineering:Arcadis - Sweco - EBS - Stendess
Dimensions:137m x 9,50m x 22m (LxBxH)
Building time:April 2017 - April 2019

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