Project Management

VBSC has a strong team of project managers. Their experience is distributed worldwide on the 5 continents and contains all types of difficulty levels that can form a steel structure. Our project management concentrates all available knowledge of VBSC, and is at the service of clients for their challenging projects.


VBSC, with her manufacturing capacity of approx. 45000 tons per year, is the leading steelwork contractor in Belgium and one of the leading steework contractors in Europe. In Eeklo we have 42000m² of covered workspace. The lifting capacity in Eeklo is 80 T and in Wondelgem 150 T. In Wondelgem, our production site covers 20000m² and another 80000m² of pre-assembling area. Moreover, we have direct access to the North Sea via the canal Gent-Terneuzen. With the use of platform transporters we are able to shift large steel structures (up to 1500 T) on barges, thus reducing significantly the overall production cost.


VBSC has developed through the years its own engineering department. We can assist the customer during the pre-engineering phase, and provide workshop and erection drawings. Our engineers use the latest calculation, planning and drawing software and their fully implemented CAD-CAM stations are linked directly to the computers in the factory and are connected with the clients through an interchange.


All of our production sites include steel grit blasting shops and painting shops. The temperature controlled paint shops are located as an in-line extension of our workshop. The painting is done with airless spray guns. We can provide both anti-corrosion and fire protective coatings. After our experience with the Hogeweidebrug in Utrecht (2007) , we now also are capable of offering aluminisation as an anti-corrosion solution. Our painters and inspectors are fully ACQPA-FROSIO qualified.


VBSC develops in-house erection engineering. We have considerable experience in the construction of high-rise buildings and bridge structures using modular construction techniques for early completion. Maximising off-site pre-assembly allows the elements of the structure to be erected on-site in the most efficient way. The techniques of transporting and erecting large/heavy sub assemblies are a key to the success of these projects. Therefore, VBSC has its own teams of erectors and manages the whole erection process.