Launch of pontoons Cruise terminal Antwerp

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Launch of pontoons Cruise terminal Antwerp

The 24m and 36m long pontoons were lifted into the water with a duo hoist parallel to the quay. The 120m long mooring pontoons were launched into the water perpendicular to the quay, in a controlled manner, using a combination of SPMTs, the SL3800 crawler crane and the buoyancy of the water. This is possible because of our location on the northern section of the Ringvaart and the presence of the waiting harbor on the other side.

The pontoons are now loaded with the access bridges and prepared for departure to Antwerp, where they will be assembled one by one at the final location on the Scheldt quays.

The cruise pontoon is being realized on behalf of the city of Antwerp and De Vlaamse Waterweg nv. AG VESPA is a delegated client. The design is by NEY & Partners, SBE - Technum is the engineering office. The temporary group Artes - Victor Buyck Steel Construction will carry out the works.

Watch the video montage of the launch here (© AG VESPA - Jasper Léonard):


Read more about this project in this message from the client: