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Steel construction

Our activities revolve around two pillars: civil works and buildings.

Civil works involve building bridges, hydrological projects and occasionally an artistic project. We distinguish ourselves here through our modular systems and concepts, and our logistical knowledge of how to bring large steel elements to building sites to speed up assembly.

For buildings, high-rise construction takes pride of place, alongside heavy industrial construction and special buildings. In all our projects, input from the steel constructor is essential to getting the building erected.

This is where we use our wide experience to make the difference in terms of the rate of construction, temporary stability, smart design of connections and complex logistical challenges.  

Belgian company with international ambitions

With a production capacity of around 20,000 tons, Victor Buyck Steel Construction has grown into an international group. We are primarily active in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Luxembourg and Great Britain.

We occasionally run projects in other countries as well. One example is Switzerland, where we helped to build JTI's head office. For a different project, we supplied 14 bridges in Ghana.

We are proud of our Belgian roots. At the same time, we believe that Belgium's strategic position in the heart of Europe offers us the chance to become and remain an international player in the steel construction sector.

Unique knowledge centre

Thanks to its years of experience with large and complex projects, VBSC has some unique knowledge at its disposal - and we are glad to share this with our clients.

We are always on the lookout for solutions that are both technically and economically viable. Alongside this, we have a heavy focus on exports. Over 80% of our production is destined for use abroad.

Our people's flexibility and knowledge of languages allows Victor Buyck to set up successful projects in countries with different customs and cultures too.

We also continually offer our people opportunities for further training. We regularly swell the ranks with young, new engineers as well. They are largely attracted by the range of challenging projects they can work on.

Creating value for all stakeholders

Clients can count on Victor Buyck's qualified and experienced staff in all phases of the construction process. We prefer to be involved in a construction project from the concept phase, to allow us to develop the best technical and most economical solution.

We continually invest in CNC-driven machines, enabling us to tackle the most challenging projects with a high level of complexity and technical requirements perfectly.

Clients want to reap the benefits of their investments as soon as possible. Respecting delivery times is crucial to them in this. They expect a pro-active attitude from their suppliers in the search for economical solutions that raise the efficiency of their production unit or office building.

This is precisely our strength: shorter delivery times and greater added value, thanks to high productivity and technical knowledge.

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