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Victor Buyck Steel Construction SDG Pioneer
Victor Buyck receives UNITAR “SDG Pioneer” certificate!
Victor Buyck Steel Construction Northern Spire
Victor Buyck wins twice with Northern Spire and Schuttebusbrug in the steel construction awards!
This week we transported the three large mooring pontoons (120m by 9m each) from Wondelgem, along the Ghent - Terneuzen canal, across the Western Scheldt to the Port of Antwerp. The tubular access bridges (each 70m long) were on the same pontoons. Our partner, HEBO Maritiemservice, connected the three pontoons and guided them safely to Antwerp with a push and tugboat.
Victor Buyck Steel Construction CO2 prestatieladder niveau 5
Eeklo, België - Victor Buyck behaalt met glans certificaat CO2-prestatieladder niveau 5