Victor Buyck Steel Construction Cluster II Albertkanaal
Belgium - 2022 - Bridges

Cluster II - Albert Canal

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Cluster II - Albert Canal

In the context of raising the bridges over the Albert Canal, five new and identical bridges will be built. Each bridge has a length of 123 m and a height of 25 m. The total weight is estimated at 950 tons. The deck plate is connected to the arcs at 42 locations with tension rods. The arcs are bend in a 3D way and come together in the middle of the bridge; this gives the bridge its unique and elegant form. The deck plate contains one lane in each direction for motorized vehicles and a bicycle path at both sides, the total width becomes 18 m. The deck plate and arcs, consisting out of five pieces, are brought to the site by boat where they are put together. Afterwards, the bridge is put in place in one whole. The last bridge is placed in March 2022. 

Project type & location

Road bridges
Road Bridge
Albert canal
Project start date: 
Project finish date: 

Project specifics

123m x 18m (LxW)
950ton for one bridge
Via T-Albert
Steel Construction: 
Victor Buyck Steel Construction
Arcadis - Sweco

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