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Pedestrian bridge Tessenderlo

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To make the Albert Canal accessible for container ships with four layers of containers, the canal needs to be widened to 86 meters and the passage height is elevated to 9,10 meters. Because of this the existing Canal Bridge in Tessenderlo is replaced with a new steel pedestrian and cycling bridge. The arc bridge is 22 meters high and has a single span of 137meters. The width of the bridge deck is 9,50 meters.

The single arc runs through the axis of the bridge and will be completely painted in white. The deck and arc are connected through 44 hangers in two rows which are fitted as a weave pattern. The arc and bridge are transported in three and four parts by ship and pontoon to the construction site. There the pieces are put on temporary trestles at the definite location by use of 500- and 700-tonnes cranes. The pieces are welded together and after the removal of the temporary trestles the bridge hangers are installed.

Project type & location

Pedestrian and cycling bridges/new projects
Pedestrian and cycling bridges
Project start date: 
Project finish date: 

Project specifics

137m x 9.5m x 22m (LxWxH)
650 (Deck + Arc + Hangers)
De Vlaamse Waterweg NV
General Contractor(s): 
THV Artes Roegiers – Victor Buyck Steel Construction
Steel Construction: 
Victor Buyck Steel Construction
Zwarts & Jansma Architects
Arcadis – SWECO – EBS - Stendess



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