Sustainability report

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Sustainability, Sustainable Entrepreneurship. These are concepts that have been used in recent years, both opportunely and inadequately. Do they cover the same load? Is everyone thinking about the same thing?

Since 2013, Victor Buyck's vision is to be the benchmark for value creation and CSR in the steel construction world. We want to achieve this by making a difference in terms of people, solutions, innovation and behaviour.

Values and behaviour are part of our daily life, in everything we do, in every conversation, in every decision. We focus on behaviour because values are not really visible, behaviour is.

A fundamental value is a long-term perspective. This value has made us realise that we have to look beyond our noses, even beyond today. This automatically leads you to the most important question for any organisation: who are we? Why do we exist? There is no long-term perspective without sustainable entrepreneurship.

Now is the time to tell the world what we stand for in that area. Hence this very first sustainability report, drawn up in accordance with the GRI 4 guidelines. It looks back and looks ahead.  It is a snapshot in a continuous process of thinking, doing, evaluating, correcting and improving.

Victor Buyck is passionately driven to create (more) value in the three well-known domains: People, Planet, Profit. Our business is to realise steel projects so that we can optimally contribute to the success of our clients and the full development of our employees. Steel is the material of the future; after all, it is infinitely recyclable.

Improving means working with objectives. Every department at Victor Buyck certainly has its own objectives. Now is the time to make those objectives collective, across all departments.

This report explains how Victor Buyck is making a difference in society. You will come into contact with many, often hitherto unknown, aspects of this company and the people who make it.

Download the sustainability report (in dutch):