First launch of the M42/M6 Motorway Link East Viaduct completed

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First launch of the M42/M6 Motorway Link East Viaduct completed

Victor Buyck Steel Construction BBV HS2 M42 M6 Motorway Link Viaduct Launch

Birmingham, U.K. - Last weekend Victor Buyck successfully completed the first launch of the M42/M6 Motorway Link East Viaduct.

After months of preparation a final test was carried out on Thursday 15 February, after which we commenced on Friday morning around 8 am with the actual launching operation. By using our specialist push-pull technique we moved the 84 metre and 300 tonne steel viaduct into place over the westbound link road between the M6 and M42 near Coleshill. 

The move was completed ahead of schedule in a total of 11,5 hours during a weekend closure of the motorway link roads. By sunday morning 2.35am the motorway was re-opened, over 26h earlier than planned!

M42-M6 Launching    2024-02-16 10.24.29.jpg

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this project over the past years and made it possible. A special word of thanks to the entire team who was present this weekend to help facilitate the launch and to give their utmost to showcase the capabilities of VBSC!

This first launch takes the viaduct section to its halfway position over the westbound link road. Now the other steel segments will be welded to the back of the first structure, and 40 precast slabs will be installed on top of the segments.

Launch up to P01    Launch up to P02

In April, this entire structure, weighing 1,100 tonnes will then be moved to its final position over both westbound and eastbound motorway link roads. This whole process is then repeated for the West Viaduct as well.

Victor Buyck Steel Construction is fabricating, delivering and installing the new M42/M6 Motorway Link Viaducts for Balfour Beatty Vinci JV (BBV) as part of the new High Speed 2 (HS2) Railway. We wish to extend our gratitude for the excellent collaboration and for their trust in VBSC. 

On to the next launch!



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