Transport and assembly Cruise terminal Antwerp

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Transport and assembly Cruise terminal Antwerp

This week we transported the three large mooring pontoons (120m by 9m each) from Wondelgem, along the Ghent - Terneuzen canal, across the Western Scheldt to the Port of Antwerp. The tubular access bridges (each 70m long) were on the same pontoons. Our partner, HEBO Maritiemservice, connected the three pontoons and guided them safely to Antwerp with a push and tugboat.

We then towed each mooring pontoon to the wharf zone on the Scheldt quays. Two hoists positioned themselves with anchors and mooring ropes and lifted the bridge from the pontoon and lowered it onto the platform and overflow pontoon. The bridges fitted very well on the hinges at the top and the sliding shoes at the bottom. With this construction, the height difference between the quay and the water level is bridged in a safe manner.

After placing the bridges, we maneuvered the mooring pontoons into position on the tubular piles. We hoisted guide brackets that connect these pontoons to the tubular piles, but always allow vertical displacement through the water. We linked the pontoons to each other with an ingenious searcher construction, so that the construction behaves like a very elongated pontoon.

After finishing by our partner Artes Roegiers, this construction is ready to be taken into use by the City of Antwerp in 2021. For Victor Buyck, this means the end of a gigantic project: almost 2 years of continuous work and more than 3000T of steel processed. The result is an impressive landmark in the heart of the historical center and Victor Buyck is delighted to contribute to the international visibility and accessibility of the city of Antwerp.

The cruise pontoon is being realized on behalf of the city of Antwerp and De Vlaamse Waterweg nv. AG VESPA is a delegated client. The design is by NEY & Partners, SBE - Technum is the engineering office. The temporary group Artes - Victor Buyck Steel Construction will carry out the works.

Watch the video montage of the transport and installation here (© AG VESPA - Jasper Léonard):